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4 Ways FordPass Makes Your Drive Easier

Posted at Thu, Aug 23, 2018 4:18 PM
Ford Pass in Smyrna, GA | Wade FordWith convenience and connectivity becoming increasingly important considerations for vehicle buyers, Ford attempts to stay abreast of its competitors with the introduction of several new features over the past few years. One of its most significant tech offerings is the FordPass. This app is basically a transportation concierge program that enables you to perform a wide range of driving-related tasks more easily, from booking parking spots to locating gas stations. Discover how FordPass can contribute to a more convenient and pleasant driving experience. What Is FordPass? While its main function is to help you find parking, FordPass can also perform many other tasks. It makes driving easier by allowing you to do what you used to do with several different apps on one single app. It enables you to locate parking spots and gas stations, control your vehicle remotely, make payments, and obtain a wide range of information about your vehicle. FordPass is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones. Four Useful FordPass Functions Book Parking Spots With FordPass, you can look for parking spots, view prices, and make reservations before you leave your home. The system can help you book parking spaces directly with Parkopedia and Parkwhiz and access airport parking via FlightCar. If you like a particular parking spot that you have previously used, you can save it on the app and reserve it the next time you need to park at the same destination. Find Gas Stations FordPass also comes with a fuel-checking function that enables you to keep track of your vehicle's fuel level from a remote location. This can help you avoid the unfortunate situation of running out of gas. When you need to fill up, you can use the app to look for a gas station in your vicinity. It'll map out all the gas stations within a certain distance from you and provide all the information you need about their fuel offerings, including brands, grades, and prices. It ensures that you'll always get the best deal whenever you need to refuel your vehicle. Control Your Vehicle Remotely Besides checking fuel levels, you can also lock and unlock your vehicle and start the engine remotely with FordPass. You'll especially appreciate the remote engine start feature during winter because it allows you to warm up your car's cabin before you step out of your house. The remote lock/unlock function can be used to keep your car safe if you forget to lock it. Provide Access to 24/7 Assistance With the FordPass app, you'll have easy access to Ford's friendly and helpful FordGuide team. Experts will be available on live chat or over the phone to answer any question you may have about FordPass. Additionally, they can help you arrange for roadside assistance if your vehicle runs out of gas, has a flat tire, or needs towing. FordPass is a useful feature that can make driving easier and help you reduce your fuel and parking costs. If you're planning to purchase a Ford vehicle, make sure you ask about this awesome app. Image via
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